Saturday, January 20, 2018

I decided to split Volume I of my exciting historical fiction novel of New Testament and Roman times, "Of Such Is The Kingdom" into two separate volumes (PARTI, and PART II), and, added PART III, So, the trilogy is now complete and all are available in print, and each one under $9.00, so, the total for all 3 is under $26.00--less than it would have cost the previous way. So, if you're going to use it as a tool for evangelism (giving it to an unsaved friend or loved one), you'll have to give the first 2 volumes. I'm sorry about that, but it seemed like the best thing to do. It is a rather long read, so. give the 2 volumes if you know they like to read, especially if they like historical fiction. Or, perhaps a better bet would be to give "Impossible Journey" or "The Che=ristmas Victory." Anyway, "Of Such Is The Kingdom" could be considered both "Christian fiction" and "Evangelistic fiction."

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