Monday, November 12, 2018

NEWS: PART I of the ebook of my evangelistic historical fiction novel of New Testament & Roman times is now FREE (so you can see what it's like before ordering the other 2 volumes)--It's FREE in all eVenues, This #bookbubble has the first 4 sentences (to whet your appetite) and 5 "Buy" links to where the eBook is FREE.

Monday, March 05, 2018

NEWS: I just re-published the entire 3-part edition of my Biblical Novel,
and reduced the price to $17.24, so by buying this edition you save $6.00 ovwr buying each part separtrfly. You can purchase it here: ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Kindle is $4.97, Googe Play, $3,80, others $4.99. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- The excerpt below has 2 professional reviews and "Buy links for all venues: -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- For more on this novel go HERE.

Friday, January 26, 2018

This #BookBubble via @BublishMe will give you an idea of the idea of my newly republished purposeful (evangelistic) sci-fi (TimeTravel) novel, and the cover picks may give you somewhat of an idea of what time periods are covered.
------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ =================================================================================--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Enjoy this interesting excerpt, "A Short Trip," from my purposeful sci-fi (time travel) novel. The print book is only $7.89, the eBook is just $2.52 on most e-venues, Google play is only $2.12, Kindle is $2.99 (couldn't go lower) (Click "Buy", then the venue.") You can also give it as a gift. -----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------FOR MORE ON THIS NOVEL, go HERE

Saturday, January 20, 2018

Here's an excerpt from Part I, Chapter 1, showing Barabbas' great hatred for the Romans. "Buy" links for PART I are included in the excerpt. It's just $7,99 print, $2.99 Kindle, $2.09 Google Play, and $2.52 others, OR see the first post above for the option of getting all 3 parts in 1 volume.

I decided to split Volume I of my exciting historical fiction novel of New Testament and Roman times, "Of Such Is The Kingdom" into two separate volumes (PARTI, and PART II), and, added PART III, So, the trilogy is now complete and all are available in print, and each one under $9.00, so, the total for all 3 is under $26.00--less than it would have cost the previous way. So, if you're going to use it as a tool for evangelism (giving it to an unsaved friend or loved one), you'll have to give the first 2 volumes. I'm sorry about that, but it seemed like the best thing to do. It is a rather long read, so. give the 2 volumes if you know they like to read, especially if they like historical fiction. Or, perhaps a better bet would be to give "Impossible Journey" or "The Che=ristmas Victory." Anyway, "Of Such Is The Kingdom" could be considered both "Christian fiction" and "Evangelistic fiction."

Thursday, November 16, 2017

I just revised & re-published my unique evangelistic American historical fiction novel, "The Chrstmas Victory." To see why it's unique and how I came to write it, go HERE. I also just published a special full-color Christmas Gift Edition of this novel. You'll also find full-color excerpts from this addition HERE.

Saturday, August 12, 2017

Here's more of Chapter 7 ("Tribulation & Patience") from my evangelistic sci-fi (time travel) novel. Here is when they land after being pulled to their future. You can guess by the last paragraph of this excerpt that they have come to a future time of war. That's another clue to my purpose in having them pulled to the future--but all that will be clear later The eBook is now only $2.25 in most eVenues.

Monday, March 13, 2017

CHRISTIAN FICTION OR EVANGELISTIC FICTION ?--an honest appraisal for thinking Christians By James M. Becher I wonder if most Christians realize the value of Evangelistic fiction
in reaching the lost. I purposely use the term "Evangelistic fiction" and not "Christian fiction," as I feel there is a difference. Let me explain. "Christian fiction" is fiction written by Christians for Christians, whereas "Evangelistic fiction" is meant primarily to reach the lost. Of course, some Christian fiction also could be used to plant seeds of curiosity or interest. Christian fiction may deal with themes like holding onto faith in the midst of difficult circumstances and seeing God work, while evangelistic fiction brings the reader face to face with the significance of Christ’s death and makes him face the fact that it was for him. My 2 published novels are primarily Evangelistic fiction, although they could be called Christian fiction as well, since they can serve as entertainment for Christians. My main purpose in writing them, however, was to reach unbelievers. Thus, Some Christians may even find some things in them objectionable. For example, the non-Christian characters in my sci-fi novel sometimes use words like "dang." Well what can you expect from non-Christians? I tried to keep it acceptable while trying to get into the mind of the characters, as yet unsaved (till the end).
One character in my Biblical novel uses the word "confounded" although his wife rebukes him for it. There are also elements of romance in my Biblical novel ("God forbid"---that's one reaction I've had from some Christians.) Well as I said, I wasn't writing for you. I didn't intend to write lily white stories for pious Christians to enjoy, although--don't get me wrong--aside from the things I have already mentioned and perhaps the presence of a bar-room/brothel, my novels do make for good clean reading. I write for God’s glory but primarily to reach the lost. My novels have not done well so far at all and I think the reason is that Christians have failed to get the idea. That friend you've been wanting to witness to but haven't found the words, that neighbor who you invited to Church but refused to go, that family member for you've been praying to come to Christ--Why not give them a work of evangelistic fiction as a gift? It can serve as a sort of door opener or ice breaker to start them thinking along the lines of the gospel. They may even change their attitude toward the gospel just from reading the novel. Then, later you can follow up by asking them how they enjoyed it, what they thought, etc. Of course, it might be good if you would have read it also, just so you know what they would be talking about. Of course my novels are not the only evangelistic novels available today. In fact, I've listed quite a few others for your consideration in my slide show to the right and my store (the link just above the slide show. All I'm saying is that we Christians should consider using these kinds of tools in our evangelistic efforts.