Saturday, April 04, 2020

Enjoy this #BookBubble: via @BublishMe "Palm Sunday Confrontation" from my newly revised, edited,and re-published evangelistic Biblical novel. I just reduced the eBook price to $3.36 in most retailers. I couldn't in Amazon, because it's $4.99 from the publisher, but I'm going to call them Monday to try to reduce it there too,

Wednesday, September 04, 2019

WHAT OTHERE ARE SAYING about "OF SUCH IS THE KINGDOM" (From the Reviews): This #Bookbubbllle has excerpts from all 3 professional reviews I received for my evangelistic, literary, historical fiction novel of Biblical & Roman times:

Monday, July 15, 2019

CHRISTIAN FICTION OR EVANGELISTIC FICTION ?--an honest appraisal for thinking Christians By James M. Becher I wonder if most Christians realize the value of Evangelistic fiction in reaching the lost. I purposely use the term "Evangelistic fiction" and not "Christian fiction," as I feel there is a difference. Let me explain. "Christian fiction" is fiction written by Christians for Christians, whereas "Evangelistic fiction" is meant primarily to reach the lost. Of course, some Christian fiction also could be used to plant seeds of curiosity or interest. Christian fiction may deal with themes like holding onto faith in the midst of difficult circumstances and seeing God work, while evangelistic fiction brings the reader face to face with the significance of Christ’s death and makes him face the fact that it was for him. My 2 published novels are primarily Evangelistic fiction, although they could be called Christian fiction as well, since they can serve as entertainment for Christians. My main purpose in writing them, however, was to reach unbelievers. Thus, Some Christians may even find some things in them objectionable. For example, the non-Christian characters in my sci-fi novel sometimes use words like "dang." Well what can you expect from non-Christians? I tried to keep it acceptable while trying to get into the mind of the characters, as yet unsaved (till the end). One character in my Biblical novel uses the word "confounded" although his wife rebukes him for it. There are also elements of romance in my Biblical novel ("God forbid"---that's one reaction I've had from some Christians.) Well as I said, I wasn't writing for you. I didn't intend to write lily white stories for pious Christians to enjoy, although--don't get me wrong--aside from the things I have already mentioned and perhaps the presence of a bar-room/brothel, my novels do make for good clean reading. I write for God’s glory but primarily to reach the lost. My novels have not done well so far at all and I think the reason is that Christians have failed to get the idea. That friend you've been wanting to witness to but haven't found the words, that neighbor who you invited to Church but refused to go, that family member for you've been praying to come to Christ--Why not give them a work of evangelistic fiction as a gift? It can serve as a sort of door opener or ice breaker to start them thinking along the lines of the gospel. They may even change their attitude toward the gospel just from reading the novel. Then, later you can follow up by asking them how they enjoyed it, what they thought, etc. Of course, it might be good if you would have read it also, just so you know what they would be talking about. Of course my novels are not the only evangelistic novels available today. In fact, I've listed quite a few others for your consideration in my slide show to the right and my store (the link just above the slide show. All I'm saying is that we Christians should consider using these kinds of tools in our evangelistic efforts.

Friday, July 12, 2019

REVIEWS OF IMPOSSIBLE JOURNEY, A TALE OF TIMES AND TRUTH --------------------------------------------------------------------- 1) Reviewed By Donna Gielow McFarland for Readers’ Favorite Impossible Journey: A Tale of Times and Truth by James M. Becher tells the story of Walt, Will, and David, who in 2025 get into a time-traveling capsule with the goal of solving all the problems of the world by returning to Eden to prevent the serpent from convincing Eve to eat the apple. Their time machine is a little rickety, though, and can only make small jumps back in time before it has to be repaired. The travelers land in the gold rush, the times of Leonardo da Vinci, Martin Luther, Camelot, and they get caught up in someone else’s time travel efforts and get launched into a future where the world is falling apart. They even land in 33 A.D. just in time to witness Jesus’ crucifixion. Every place they go there are people talking about Jesus. The men get really tired of it until, finally, it all makes sense. Impossible Journey is narrated in a very casual tone, “The morning finds our friends rising bright and early…,” and the characters break all the commonly accepted rules of time travel. That bothered me a little but was made up for by the fact that I found Becher’s premise fascinating and I wanted to see where he was going with it. The characters have no qualms about changing history – that’s why they’re making the journey. They freely tell historical figures where they’re from and they interfere in events they encounter [without it changing anything]. When they find themselves with a stowaway from another time, they accidentally leave him in the wrong century without any worries of disrupting the space-time continuum. [He has the same world view as Leonardo and most people of that time.] Although the three men are from different faith traditions, Impossible Journey is definitely a work of Christian fiction, almost like a very long Bible tract embedded in the story. I found it hard to equate Impossible Journey to any other works, although occasionally it reminded me a little of Pilgrim’s Progress. It is suitable for all audiences. ------------------------------------------------------------------
2)Review by Tami Brady Impossible Journey is reminiscent of The Time Machine by H. G. Wells with a unique Christian twist. In the year 2025, a team of researchers (representing various cultures and religious beliefs) create a time machine. The aim of this mission is to go back in time to the Garden of Eden to warn Adam and Eve not to be tempted by the serpent. The team hypothesizes that if this event can be altered, then sickness, death, and war will disappear not only from the modern world but also throughout human history. Thus, the face of humankind would forever change with this one act. The journey contains a number of twists, turns, and unique challenges as the team members are chaotically thrown into various significant events in human history. During this journey, the team meets various famous personages such as Martin Luther, King Arthur, and Jesus. Through a series of coincidences, the team also gets a peak into a bleak future awaiting the team if they fail in their mission. The ending of their journey will warm the heart of any Christian and intensify his or her faith.

Tuesday, June 25, 2019

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Monday, November 12, 2018

NEWS: PART I of the ebook of my evangelistic historical fiction novel of New Testament & Roman times is now FREE, so you can see what it's like before ordering the entire 3- volume edition--But, WARNING: Part I does NOT come to a conclusion of any kind, so you'll have to end up buying the whole 3-part edition anyway, but if you prefer to sample first, Part I is FREE in all e-Venues, This #bookbubble has the first 4 sentences (to whet your appetite) and 5 "Buy" links to where the eBook is FREE.

Monday, March 05, 2018

NEWS: I just completely revised, fine-tooth-comb edited, and re-published the entire 3-part edition of my Biblical Novel with WestBow Press, a division of Thomas Nelson and Zondervan.
. You can purchase it directly from the publisher HERE. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Kindle is $4.99, all other ebooks $3.36. this month only. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- The excerpt below has 2 professional reviews and "Buy links for all venues: -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- For more on this novel go HERE.

Thursday, November 16, 2017

I just revised & re-published my unique evangelistic American historical fiction novel, "The Chrstmas Victory." To see why it's unique and how I came to write it, go HERE. I also just published a special full-color Christmas Gift Edition of this novel. You'll also find full-color excerpts from this addition HERE.
And I just received the following 5 star review of my American historical fiction novel, "The Christmas Victory (Gift Edition)," from Reader's Favorites: Reviewed By Liz Konkel for Readers’ Favorites
The Christmas Victory: A Gem of a Sermon, All Wrapped Up in a Historical Novel by James M. Becher is a delightful gift edition of an uplifting story of Christmas and faith. Henry Wadsworth Longfellow hasn't felt the Christmas spirit since the death of his wife but that doesn't keep his children from trying to bring him cheer. He struggles more when his oldest, Charles, declares he wants to join the war and he immediately fears for his son's safety. Samuel Clemens goes on a journey to become Mark Twain and meets the lovely Olivia who becomes his wife. Mark's and Henry's lives overlap in interesting ways as the two men face unexpected tragedies throughout their lives and challenges in their uplifting discovery of faith. The story revolves around a sermon called “The Christmas Victory” and a poem called “Christmas Bells.” James M. Becher's story is light and uplifting with a historical setting centered on two well-known writers who pull themselves out of tragedy and bleakness to find their faith. These known figures' stories are taken from biographical information but the story is fitted around Christmas. The story weaves between Henry and his son Charles, Mark Twain, and Jim Berk. They influence each other as their stories link together through their struggles and how they come to discover their faith in God. The historical backdrop is set during the war and the time of Lincoln but the focus is solely on lighter elements of the Christmas spirit, family, and faith. Becher centers on tragedies and uses the darkest moments in Mark's and Henry's lives to explore how to not give up on happiness and turn to their faith. Christmas is the perfect time to set the story as it's a season for hope, belief, and family which blends perfectly into how the story progresses with Becher capturing cheer and melancholy in the tone. Becher uses “The Christmas Victory” to lead each of the characters toward the light and help them pull themselves out of the tragedies that have made them lose faith. Becher also includes a variety of colorful images throughout that add to the Christmas spirit, which is captured in the very meaning of Christmas found in the characters' struggles. The Christmas Victory would make the perfect gift to share with loved ones and is a story to enjoy as a family with its poignant themes of faith, family, and reconnection.